Wave Era is a leading IT solutions company that offers focused skills, IP and domain expertise across a set of ‘high growth’ areas ranging from cloud computing, product development and Managed IT services to consulting.

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What we offer

Some of the things that come inherent while partnering with us include reduced overall project cost, enhanced productivity and on-time delivery. With innovation at the core of our services, we have been able to render greater value to our clients in terms of time and cost.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, popularly known as AWS, houses a host of remote computing services that allows customers to choose from an array of options that best fit their IT environments and offers a pay as up go option, that is, pay only for what they use. With one-click ability to upscale or downscale the sto..

Cloud Computing

In the simplest terms, cloud computing can be defined as a means where data and programs are stored and accessed via internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. While cloud computing offers several advantages in terms of security, flexibility, scalability and cost, some of the major benefits that you ..

IT Consulting

Big Data, Cloud Computing & Mobility- these names have radically transformed the business dynamics. And to harness their immense potential to your favour, you need a trusted IT consulting partner who can take a “big picture” approach and present you with innovative solutions to meet your changing business..

Managed IT Services

Controlling costs and maximizing productivity has been the major concern for most of the organisations especially for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It’s not only the hard dollar cost such as purchase of hardware and software and resources required to support the staff but also the soft dollar c..

Product Development

Eave Era has been providing high-end product development services to Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) for years. Our product development services cover the end-to-end spectrum of the product and span the entire service lifecycle - from ideation to retirement, the supply chain and after sales services. ..