About Us

Wave Era is a leading IT solutions company that offers focused skills, IP and domain expertise across a set of ‘high growth’ areas ranging from cloud computing, product development and Managed IT services to consulting. We meet and sometimes exceed the expectations of our clients by combining demanding analysis with imaginative inspiration and integrating fresh perspectives with practical experience.

Some of the things that come inherent while partnering with us include reduced overall project cost, enhanced productivity and on-time delivery. With innovation at the core of our services, we have been able to render greater value to our clients in terms of time and cost.

At Wave Era, our deep understanding of the intricacies of product development such as ease of use, ease of installation, evolvement, maintenance and scalability; the ability to mitigate risk and accelerate the growth of an organization by realizing the full benefits of cloud computing; and our expertise in providing consultancy and managed services to help organizations catch up with market dynamics has resulted in achieving better time-to-value and greater return on investment for our clients.