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Amazon Web Services, popularly known as AWS, houses a host of remote computing services that allows customers to choose from an array of options that best fit their IT environments and offers a pay as up go option, that is, pay only for what they use. With one-click ability to upscale or downscale the storage space, it provides for a most scalable cloud computing environment and since the web services are rendered via internet from the cloud, it is considered more secure than on-premises services.

With its broad spectrum of infrastructure services, such as networking, database hosting, storage options and computing power, Amazon has become a frontrunner in the cloud computing race and continues to deliver satisfaction through its constant endeavour of staying updated on the technology and bringing the best and latest to its users.

Although more and more companies are opting for Amazon web services over the traditional hosting services, yet most of the IT admins are not up to speed on the ins and outs of Amazon Web Hosting Cloud. This is where Wave Era comes into picture. We provide end-to-end AWS solution and ensure seamless transition that allows you to seize the competitive advantages of cloud computing without disrupting your regular business activities.

Our consultants accelerate cloud adoption within your organisation by designing, maintaining and automating custom AWS infrastructure that offers high performance, availability, security and scalability while still running low on cost. With our round the clock support and access to certified security and automation engineers, we aim at multiplying the power of your team so that they can focus on your next big project.

Whether you want to deploy your new business application or migrate your existing legacy system to AWS environment; looking for full lift and shift, phased migration or hybrid approach, we can help you across the entire technology stack – from setting up your AWS infrastructure to application layer.