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leading IT solutions company that offers focused skills, IP and domain expertise across a set of ‘high growth’ areas ranging from cloud computing, product development and Managed IT services to consulting.

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Wave Era Services

Eave Era has been providing high-end product development services to Independent Service Vendors (ISVs) for years. Our product development services cover the end-to-end spectrum of the product and span the entire service lifecycle - from ideation to retirement, the supply chain and after sales services.

Some of the areas where we extend our product development support services include but are not limited to:

Mobile Payments – With the increasing number of retailers and stores accepting payments through the mobile, the world of mobile payments has been rapidly growing. In order to keep pace with the changing needs and providing a common platform for accepting payments from prevalent mobile payment solutions, including Android Pay, Apply Pay, etc, Wave Era has developed a customized mobile app solution for mobile payments

Our mobile payment gateway ‘Moviledin’ allows mobile money service providers to inter operate and facilitates transaction between various mobile money providers. Its robust architecture is built on latest Java technologies stack which makes it light, fast and reliable. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of Moviledin enables users to quickly transfer money from one mobile account to the mobile account of another service provider using any mobile money platform including debit or credit card.

Business Intelligence Software – The power of BI has revolutionised the way data is fetched and displayed on dashboards. The customization of dashboards has further enhanced the power and promise of BI. Now, the real time updates that are most crucial for your business can be available right on your dashboard and can be accessed from anywhere for timely insights and actions.

Wave Era’s business intelligence software solutions are built from ground up to provide users maximum flexibility and customizable views. It pulls information from multiple sources in a single view and provides security options that let you decide and control who can view or make edits.

From creating critical presentation in the boardroom to quickly checking real time analytics via cellphone, our customized BI solutions empower users to make most out of their BI platform, without relying on IT.

Customization & White Labelling – If you are looking for harnessing the multi-trillion dollar FX and CFS market to your advantage and planning to expand your offerings to other OTC markets through your FedEx software under your name then Wave Era gets you covered by providing white labelling and customization services.

We provide fully customizable ready-to-use solutions that deliver everything you need to provide your customers with access to thousands of global markets, under your own brand. Our customized graphical user interface (GUI) services allow you to reduce time to market and maintain the brand integrity of your design.

Why choose Wave Era for your Product Development needs?

  • Our carefully chosen team of product development specialists not only excels in developing technically challenging product designs but is also passionate about creating new and value driven product designs that exceed our client's vision and provide real solutions in the real world.
  • You can leverage from our vast knowledge base covering nearly every market segment to your advantage.
  • We can steer your product development program to success by foreseeing and taking care of the considerable obstacles that arise in the product development cycle.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of product development services ranging from inception to marketing at a fraction of cost.